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Name:Annalise Eve Beaumont
Birthdate:Jan 3
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:+ Dream Like New York

Annalise Eve Beaumont (nee Morton) is the eldest child in a family of five kids. She was born into a long like of police officers and lawyers, so it was probably inevitable that she, just like her two younger brothers, followed in their father's footsteps to become a cop. It was only when youngest child, a second daughter, Layla, arrived that it looked like the mould would be broken. Layla was a surprise arrival for the family, and she is 16 years younger than Annalise, but they couldn't be closer. There was a ten year gap between the youngest son and Layla, and although she wasn't expected, the family were happy to have another child added to the brood, but Eve Beaumont shipped hubby off to the hospital for the snip after that. Their father, a station Captain in their Californian home town, was always a great source of intrigue for Annalise and she was raised on classic cop shows and good old traditional family values. Her brothers were raised as gentlemen and taught to respect women and how to be chivalrous, which is why it was amusing for the family when Annalise turned out to be the rough nut of the family. She wanted to be a boy as soon as she was old enough to realise she was different to her brothers, and if her brothers annoyed her enough, she would never hold back in thumping them. She had a fiery temper and loved being dirty, the first to volunteer to help her dad fix things or work in the garden.

There was no doubt that Annalise would end up in the Police Academy, her first choice above and beyond any other career option. She was ambitious and determined to climb the ranks as quickly as she possibly could. Her initial specialty was in Special Victims, but gradually ended up taking a position in Homicide when she moved to New York. It was a job she couldn't refuse, and Special Victims was emotionally draining that she knew she would end up too emotionally involved if she ever had a family of her own and couldn't separate herself from trying to "fix" the victims. When her father eventually retired from the force, her parents moved to the East Coast with their youngest child in tow, and Annalise was glad to have them close when she eventually started a family of her own.

Her partner with the 25th Precinct of the NYPD was Jared Beaumont, who made it more than clear from early in their partnership that he wanted to do more than work with her. She wasn't interested in the slightest at that point. It was nothing particularly personal, she just wasn't interested in any relationships and remained career-focused until she made Sergeant. It was only when she did get there that she opened herself up more to a social life, and started to learn that Jared actually had a lot of the same old fashioned family values like her father, and she admired that a lot. After dating, and things getting more and more serious, they got engaged and soon married. It wasn't long before Annalise was discovering she was pregnant (they tried for a little while, but weren't bothered if they got pregnant or not at that point). As luck would have it, Annalise ended up having twins, a boy and a girl, now 3, called Kayla and Michael.

It was when the Lieutenant of their unit got struck off for sexually assaulting Annalise's friend and colleague, Julie Gresham that there was a question mark looming over who would take the position. Rumour had it that streetwise and experienced Detective Euan Fitzpatrick would step into the role upon his return from London, but he flat out turned the position down due to recently gaining custody of his 10 year old son who had health problems. When Annalise was offered the job, it was a hard choice for her, knowing she would be her husband's boss. She just couldn't turn it down, though, and even though they knew it would be a lot of hard work on their parts to not let it disrupt their marriage, Jared encouraged her to go for it - and she did.

She has been in the position for two months now, lucky to have her now retired parents and teenage sister living in New York and happy to help out with childcare of the twins. So far, it's only been a few fiery stubborn clashes between husband and wife that has always been there for them. Usually they just end up laughing it off and get with the hot make-up sex, but Annalise hopes her job interfering is not a bridge they ever have to cross.

Annalise is an original character for RP musebox/PSL, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. Her bio and backstory were written by her creator. Her PB is Charlize Theron, who belongs to herself. No infringement intended.

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